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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  November 23, 2013 1:30pm-2:01pm PST

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that is all for today, thank you for joining us, and until next time i hope you learn to be more of a healthy you. >> a pair of bizarre incidents sparking fear and panic at two u.s. major airports, hello, everyone, i'm gregg jarrett. welcome to america's news. evacuating two terminals they delayed thousands of passengers in the process. this is a bomb threat on board a spirit airlines flight, creating havoc at another major airport hundreds of miles away.
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dominic di natale has more on both. >> hey, there, gregg, alarming turn of events happening at l.a.x., just weeks ago, november first, in fact, we had a fatal shooting. well, a driver at the airport last night suffered a medical emergency and they crashed that car into another vehicle, and then the car ended up on the curb by terminal five scaring a lot of passengers as they got off their flights. well, the noise caused some people to think it was gunfire. and there were reports of a complicated shooting. and also, there was a third report there was a gunman inside one of the terminals. >> somebody called police dispatcher at the airport and indicated that there was a man with a gun at gate 45 in terminal 4. and so officers responded to that particular gate. as a result of those responses
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to both terminal 5 and terminal 4, a decision was made to evacuate each of those terminals. >> one traveller described how terminal 4, a quote human barricade of officers lined up at the screening area. if you remember, the attacker this month actually targeted tsa agents, there was a sweep of the airport and no hitch. there was a scare for the passengers on a spirit flight that just landed at atlanta. they heard this. >> there is a bomb on this [ bleep ] plane. i'll blow this plane up! >> well, the aircraft safely arrived at the gate. but that didn't stop passengers from being scared. >> this guy, i mean, he upset a lot of people, you could tell he was on something or maybe a
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psychiatric problem or whatever. >> well, the captain said that the passenger had been playing up since the plane took off from ft. lauderdale. so there had been a pattern of behavior for about 90 minutes. he radioed police and the man was taken by police for unruly behavior, before the rest of the passengers got off. back to you. thank you, and new details emerging this month about the deadly shooting at l.a.x. according to an autopsy report, the tsa officer, gerardo hernandez who was killed in the incident was shot 12 times. three others were injured. the suspect is now facing a murder charge. if convicted he could get the death penalty. we're also learning more about a massive cargo plane that landed at the wrong airport. according to brand-new flight
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recordings, the pilot accidentally landed this 747 dream lifter on a runway that was too short for it because he couldn't read his own handwriting. on the same recordings, the pilot could be seen trying to figure out east from west. his confusion left them stranded at a small kansas airport for the better part of 16 hours. nuclear talks with iran set to resume within moments. secretary of state john kerry, five other world leaders working on the final hurdles to reach an historic agreement with iran. molly henneberg has more, live from washington. >> reporter: gregg, we have word that secretary kerry has now gone into a meeting with the representative of iran and the union. we're waiting on the results from that meeting. here are some of the issues that
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secretary kerry and others are trying to agree to today. if iran agrees to give up the nuclear capabilities, should the international community lift some of the sanctions on iran? and should iran be allowed to continue the enrichment program at all? secretary kerry and counterparts from russia, japan, china are in meetings all day today. the secretary said they're not closing the door on iran's nuclear enrichment program. >> we've said we're open to iran having a peaceful enrichment program, that is part of the discussions today obviously. we don't believe that any country has a right to enrich. that has been our policy for decades, iran says for decades that they believe they have the right to enrich. so what we're working through is whether -- whether those two positions can be reconciled through the negotiations. >> iran's foreign minister said the right to enrich uranium for
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domestic energy use and other purposes, he says is a quote, inalienable right and has to be permitted. but here at home, other members of congress says it doesn't make sense to allow iran to enrich uranium while actually reducing economic pressure. >> and sanctions would begin to unravel, as a consequence it would be very hard to get them back in place. so if we're going to do a deal, the deal has to be that iran stops its nuclear program. if that is not the deal, then we need to ratchet up sanctions. >> israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu has pressed kerry to increase sanctions on iran, not weaken them. >> molly hen eeberhenneberg. also, protesters on the
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drone policy, backing them -- used by nato to provide supplies from afghanistan, and calling for the pakistani government to end the u.s. drone attacks of the government said they will stop the attacks. and at least 44 people killed by government air strikes, that according to -- activists. the explosion outside aleppo, reportedly one of the most deadly raids there. during the explosion, the explosion hit a vegetable market, killing 15 people. and the massive storm bringing freezing temperatures to arizona could mean a potential nor'easter next week for folks on the other side of
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the country, bringing big trouble for thanksgiving travellers. janice dean live from the fox weather center. just what you don't want to hear, gregg, as you mentioned, cold temperatures across the upper midwest. 19 in chicago, 27 in kansas city, 41 in dallas, it is actually cooler in dallas than it is new york city. and with the wind it feels even cooler than that, single digits in minneapolis and chicago. and that is one of the main ingredient's we'll need to get our norris going the nor'easter going. and we'll see potential rain and/or sleet in the next couple of days. again, we're seeing heavy rain as well as heavy mountain snow for the four corners region. great news for the skiers, but if you don't like snow, not so
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good here. looking at the pink here, sunday, monday, we could see a quarter of an inch to half an inch of ice in and around the dallas area. that could be extraordinarily dangerous, so please remember that. for the wednesday travel, all the folks traveling on this day to get to thanksgiving. and we are going to have potentially a nor'easter that is going to come up the coast, bring us rain, windy condition, depending on the temperature. maybe several inches of snow and interior sections. delays will be imminent, it will be out of the area by thanksgiving, but of course wednesday is the big travel day. across the rest of the country, cool over the central u.s. very nice for the four corners after a big storm system moves through. and then a quieter forecast for thanksgiving, great news, greg, we have to get people to their final destinations, and unfortunately, wednesday could be a big problem all up and down the east coast. you know, there is nothing
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wrong with staying home, slap a couple of deli slice s of turke on some bread, a little mustard, call it a day. >> oh, the silver lining, i doubt very much you will eat a deli sandwich. >> i love deli sandwich. okay, janice dean, thank you very much. he was suspected for allegedly buying or bullying his teammates. now, what suspended the player, richie incognito, and how he wants to get on the field. and new approval ratings pretty low, leading to lame duck second term already. we'll take a look at it coming up.
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time for a quick check of the headlines now, taxpayers on the hook for $139 million because of another failed green energy company. another, after the automotive company was given $129 million in federal loans to produce a luxury hybrid car. suspended miami player, richie incognito meeting with special nfl investigators for a second day this week. he has tried to get his job back after he was indefinitely suspended for allegedly bullying former teammate jonathan martin. and a new study reveals one in ten kids has been diagnosed with attention deficit hyper-activity disorder, or adhd. the condition makes it hard for
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kids to pay attention and is often treated with drugs or therapy. well, the massive problems with obama care continuing to take a serious toll on the president's approval ratings. take a look at this. according to a brand-new cds poll, 37% of americans say that the president is doing a good job, but the majority, 57%, think just the opposite. all of this coming as more and more of the president's fellow democrats in congress continue to break ranks with the white house and join forces with republicans in calling for big changes to the affordable care act. charlie hurt joins us, a columnist for "the washington times" good to see you. >> good to be with you, gregg. >> in your column, you expose the president and accuse him of
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trampling the document. let me quote you, presidents don't get to write new laws on a whim, presidents don't get to refuse to negotiate with congress on financial matters because the president doesn't like what congress has been urgently instructed to do by voters. charlie, is he guilty of all of those things? >> absolutely, gregg. i think we saw two weeks ago, it was on a friday before yesterday where he came out and for the second time regarding obama care, just simply declared that he was not going to enforce some part of the law. and actually, the first time he did it, he actually changed some of the language of the law, just because the law has your name on it doesn't mean you can go in there and rewrite it as a president. he is not a king. he is a president. congress makes the laws and they
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send them to him, and he can veto them or approve them. but what he has done in terms of going -- so much farther beyond any of the -- previous presidents in terms of just declaring that he is not going to enforce certain laws, like the defense of marriage act. you may not have liked that. i may not have liked that. but that doesn't allow you to just say i'm not going to enforce it. that is a violation. >> you cited his refusal to enforce the defense of marriage act. you also say he ignored the law and declared that millions of undocumented residents became legal. he gutted the reform act, is he ruling by command, not constitutional process, and is he doing damage long-term to the presidency and democracy? >> well, you know, i mean --
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good people hate to -- for example hate to call -- accuse someone of being a liar. it feels wrong to call somebody a liar in the same vein it feels wrong to accuse him -- accuse anyone of violatie inine inineig on the constitution, but when you look at this in black and white, that is what he is doing. he is absolutely violating the constitution. and to me, we can sit here and debate about obama care and the dream act with illegal immigrants. we can debate about the issues -- issues that are debatable, but what is not debatable, you can't go outside of the parameters of the constitution, and when you do that, you are not upholding the constitution, the pledge to the constitution, when you do that, you violate it. those principles arive nfinitely
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more serious than the issues of, i don't like obama care. >> and what must have been disturbing to the white house, it was shocking to a great many americans that our new fox poll found a majority of americans think the president, knowingly lied about his promise to keep your health care plan. do you think obama care would have passed if the public had understood back in 2010 that all of those assurances about you know, keeping your plan and keeping your doctor and lower premiums, not higher premiums were blatantly untrue? >> absolutely, i believe that obama care would not have gotten through without those assurances. because they were the most important argument that the president and democrats made. because you know, let us step back a minute and remember that a very large number of americans
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had had health care -- they think it is too expensive, and it is too expensive. but it was pretty good. and we have access to the greatest medicine and medical treatment in the world in the history of i'm just going to have to pay -- i'm going to get worse care and have to start paying for someone else's health care. >> charlie, good to sigh. thanks very much. >> thanks. >> the state senator is speaking out after being stabbed by his son who later killed himself. we're going to tell you what happened. plus the feds taking a new stand on one of america's favorite foods after a shocking new report. what it means for your dinner
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welcome back. virginia state senator craig deeds out of the hospital. he was stabbed by his son, austin before austin then killed himself on tuesday. the senator suffered multiple stab wounds to the face and chest. deeds sent a tweet after he was released, saying, quote, i am alive and must live. some wounds won't heal. your prayers and your friendship are important to me. inside the world of synthetic marijuana, fox file 7
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investigates the menace of spice as it's known and how it is killing users across the country. >> the detectives begin their search and quickly focus on a locked door in the back. >> they do not have a key to this? >> no. >> sheriff's office! search warrant! >> reporter: with the background secure, they find drug paraphernalia and packets of spice behind the front counter. >> this is spice? >> this is all considered spice or k 2. all synthetic marijuana. >> looks like they're trying to market it to kids. this was under the counter. they used to sell it prominently displayed. >> it was sold up here. >> reporter: florida has been pro-active, banning 127 compounds found in spice. >> it's amazing to me how they add chemicals to these plants and that's what makes it so
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toxic. they keep changing the chemical compounds and they can stay a few steps ahead of the law. >> except they're not anymore. >> how is that? >> i have the authority by emergency order if they bring in a new one, to also ban that. so they're running out of chemicals. we're going to stay ahead of them. >> that and much more on fox files 7 tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern. that's going to do it for now. i'm gregg jarrett. we'll see you back here at 6:00 p.m. eastern time. in the meantime, have a great saturday evening.
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it's the season of giving, man money?ould you give? >> will you help out today? >> what about this man? >> thank you. >> actually that's me. don't give money to beggars like me. i'm told governments must spend more. >> medicare, medicaid, snap and social security will reduce poverty. >> but does government really help the poor? >> everybody in cleveland low minority got obama phones! >> by any measurement, this isn't working! >> i'm glad more people have figured that out. even the singer, bono. >> commerce, entrepreneurial capitalism takes more people out of poverty. >> even some in the mainstream media. >> if you wait until the


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